What is Crash Magnets?

'Crash Magnets' is a phrase used to describe drivers most likely to be involved in a car crash. Crash Magnets could include teenagers with their own car, who have friends with cars or have access to their parents' car.

Road traffic is the biggest killer of young people, with almost of accidental deaths involving people aged 15 - 25 years occuring on the roads.

Using the road is an unavoidable part of daily life for many people and the ability to use roads safely is an essential life skill. This skill has to be learned and ‘Crash Magnets’ can play an important role. It is a new and exciting new approach to road safety education. It’s aim is to promote an informed and positive attitude to road safety amongst students, enabling you to become a responsible citizen and confident individual on the road.

Crash Magnets allows you to discover the key issues surrounding road safety for yourself through a series of 10 online activities. These cover subjects such as driver distraction, speed, the cruise culture and drink and drug driving. The activities are combined with DVD clips of other young people sharing their experiences alongside facts and figures. You can also play one of our road safety games.

Crash Magnets appeals not only to new drivers, but also pedestrians, cyclists or car passengers who could find themselves with a driver who may speed, use alcohol or drugs, or get easily distracted.