David's Top Tips

Belt Up

Before you head off, be responsible and make sure everyone is wearing a seatbelt. It could be the crucial difference in the event of a crash.

Watch Your Speed

Country roads arenít just about obeying the speed limit. You have to drive at a speed that wonít affect your decision-making ability. And that may be well below the limit.

Blind Summits / Hidden Dips

Dips on the road will catch you out if you arenít paying attention. Be aware of summits by keeping an eye on road signs and slowing down as you approach. You just donít know what could be over the hill.

Hairpin Bends

Itís really important to reduce your speed when navigating a bend. Going a fraction too fast could force you into the middle of the road, leaving you exposed to oncoming traffic.

Blind Corners

Country roads are so unpredictable that you can never know what hazards are waiting around the corner. The best way to take blind bends is to reduce your speed.

Expect The Unexpected

Conditions are always changing. You might know a road like the back of your hand, but you wonít know if thereís a tractor pulling out of a field or a slick of mud waiting on the road. Drive cautiously at all times.


When road conditions are changing so fast, itís even more important to make sure youíre focussed on the road. Ignore your mobile, leave your Sat Nav alone and wait until youíve arrived safely to have that packet of crisps.