In Britain 10 people are killed on the roads each day. That is 300 every month, the equivalent of one Boeing 737 crashing in Britain every month without survivors.

Government statistics in Scotland show that young drivers are most likely to be 'Crash Magnets' through speeding, not wearing seatbelts and driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

Crash Magnets, Government Health Warning

Cigarette packets carry a Government health warning to alert the public to the risks of lung cancer and heart disease. Indeed, they could increase the impact of the message with images of diseased heart and lungs.

Some beer and spirit manufacturers are taking the lead by putting health warnings on labels indicating the strength of the drink and the risks to drivers.

What kind of warning message could a car carry along the side to make an impact on the behaviour of drivers?


Think of a ‘strap line’ or slogan for the side of a car, to get the message across.

Suggest some warnings or penalties for speeding. Ideas may verge on the macabre, black humour and 'double entendre' and slang can be allowed. Work solo or in pairs, on a car of your design or download the template below. Use colour to make an impact. Why not have a look at the examples for ideas for strap lines to choose from, or better still, think up your own.


1. Modified cars are covered with images, what's different here?
2. How might the car industry feel if these images and slogans were on cars?
3. How would you feel about getting into a car like one of these?
4. Should there be official health warnings on powerful cars?
5. Would warnings on cars reduce crashes and road casualties?