Headline News

Headline News


1. Choose an event from the drop down menu and write a news article
about it.
2. Think up a catchy or sensational headline that will attract attention. You might find a good picture to illustrate it.
3. Write your story in a style that will keep the reader or listener interested. Add to it and illustrate it with interviews with witnesses or relatives and comments from AA/RAC.
4. Make what you consider to be, at least one serious point in the report. Speculate as to what might happen next.

Choose an event

All the events are based on real life incidents.
Names of individuals have been removed.


The outcome is more important than the visual effect. Why not use illustrations, clip art and photographs. Adding colour can help to highlight the heading or even a quote. Download this word template to get you started.

Role play

You could read out you article as if it were a news bulletin at a local radio station. You might want to add interviews with witnesses at the scene.


  • How can we effect change within society?
  • Are the laws just?
  • How can we, as individuals, make a difference?
  • Personal safety, drink-driving and distraction are featured in some way in almost all stories. Have you been in any situations where these have resulted in an accident or near accident?
  • People are not always fully alert whilst driving on the roads. Crashes are often caused by distraction and loss of concentration.
  • Some people speed because it feels good. Almost everything that feels good on the road is dangerous.