Distracted Driver

Professor Steve Stradling's View: "You might sometimes be able to drive with only one hand on the wheel, but you can't ever drive with only half a brain."

Here are some of the things drivers do at the wheel of a car:

• Listening to loud music
• Eating an apple
• Fixing hair
• Having an argument
• Making a quick note
• Changing a CD
• Lighting a cigarette
• Putting on make-up
• Reading a map
• Kissing the passenger
• Having a hot/cold drink
• Telling a joke
• Programming a Sat Nav
• Checking a mobile
• Removing a scarf
• Shouting at other road users
• Playing a game
• Fumbling in a pocket


'Two Things' flyer


Activity Examples

distraction video

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Look at the ‘Two Things’ flyer above and see how difficult it is to read two things at once.
Now make up two short sentences, one about driving and another about a distraction in the car. Print out a template and design your own sign. Choose two strong colours and print clearly each sentence interweaving them like the flyer.